Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Water Slides

Should I buy a bouncy castle or inflatable slide? When your kids visit the playground, what are they drawn to? If they go straight for the slides, then a water slide makes sense. If they head to the swings or seesaw, a bouncy castle might be more their thing. Our products are designed with the British weather in mind, so while many inflatable slides have water features, they can all be used both wet and dry. Of course, you’re not limited to one or the other, as many of our bouncy castles come with a slide. 

Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Water Slides

Other features: climbing walls, paddling pools, ball pits and more!

• Climbing walls - An inflatable climbing wall is a fantastic way to allow your child to pursue their sense of adventure, safe in the knowledge that they have a soft surface to land on if they take a tumble! Scaling the wall can also help your child develop their core and upper-body strength as they test various muscles to reach the top. And climbing walls take up vertical space so can be a great addition if surface area is limited. The sky is (almost) the limit!

Paddling pools – The perfect place to cool off in the summer months. Paddling pools are eternally popular on a hot day, with children (and some adults!) battling for the best spot to splash about in! A paddling pool partners well with a bouncy castle – as soon as your child has worn themselves out bouncing, they can take a refreshing dip!

Ball pits – Enjoying a surge in popularity over recent years, ball pits are excellent for younger children or babies. Offering a readymade opportunity for sensory play, young children can also develop key skills such as throwing and catching, whilst enjoying a range of different sensations as they move through the colourful balls. What’s more, a ball pit offers a calm and safe environment. Perfect!

Tunnels – Indulge your child’s sense of fun and adventure with an inflatable tunnel. These can add an extra inviting dimension to the space, as well as providing a fun hiding place! They also pack down easily making them a practical choice, too.

Basketball hoops – Adding an extra dimension to your child’s fun, a basketball hoop can offer something for your child to focus on when they are bounced-out, as well as developing their sense of aim and sense of coordination. A great addition boasting many benefits.

Water cannons – How could a bouncy castle be even more fun? By adding a water cannon! Your children will have hours of super-soaking fun, squirting their siblings or friends as they power down the slide! A great way to cool off on a hot day – or a fantastic source of fun on any other!

Why choose a BeBop bouncy castle?

• Our products are made to be robust, sturdy and stand the test of time. We take pride in the durability of the materials we use, for which your wallet – as well as the environment – will be thankful.

• Because we know how precious your little ones are, safety is paramount for us. At BeBop, all of our products meet stringent EU safety standards and abide by important safety regulations. We want you to feel as confident in our products as we do.

• We have bouncy castles and inflatables to fit just about any space, whatever the size. All you need to do, is get your tape measure out, factor in a 2-metre perimeter around the sides, and choose your new inflatable!

• All of our bouncy castles and inflatables are designed with one thing in mind: fun! So, whatever your child loves to do the most, we will have the perfect garden addition for them. The perfect fixture for your garden, your children will thank you for the hours of entertainment they are guaranteed to enjoy!
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