Buying a Bouncy Castle

We put your children's safety first..

We all want to purchase products that are good value for money, but when it comes to children’s toys and especially outdoor games, safety quickly becomes high on the agenda for any parent. So what should you look out for when buying a bouncy castle or waterslide for your children?

Check out the company. Are you buying from an auction site where the seller could be ‘Bob’ from number 15 with a garage full of bargains? Or is the seller a registered company with good history? Make sure you are buying from a reputable business that is required to provide products are fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality.

Are reviews verified? This is important - only verified reviews are checked so that only genuine customers can leave a review. 100% of customers can't be happy 100% of the time, but are the reviews fair?

Do the pictures look professional? Have the images been doctored or show super imposed people? This is deliberately deceiving to make the castles look much bigger than they actually are. Poor quality advertising is a sign of poor quality products.

Is there a phone number? It can be a red flag if you can’t communicate with an actual person.. any good company will want to talk to customers, not only to make sales but also to provide a good service. After all, that’s how business' make money!

Is the product CE certified? Regardless of where your bouncy castle is manufactured, all products imported into the UK must meet strict European safety standards and bear the CE mark. CE means the supplier is telling you that your item conforms to all European standards for that particular toy. For bouncy castles and water slides that’s the EN71 standard so if it’s not CE certified it’s not been tested, so don’t buy it!

Where is the company located? Never buy direct from China or Hong Kong.  The bouncy castles will not have been tested to meet the high standards that you would expect in the UK.  They will not be CE certified and will not meet European safety standards.

BeBop inflatables all bear the CE mark, each model is tested by an independent company who really put BeBop inflatables through their paces! They are tested to EN71 standard to make sure that when used in conjunction with the manufacturers guidelines the product is fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality and safe for you to use. Tests are conducted for flammability, chemical elements, physical properties such as material strength, stability, and entrapment of limbs (just to name a few!)

So... whichever bouncy castle you decide to buy, if you make sure it’s from a reputable company, is safe to use, properly tested, conforms to European standards and you follow the manufacturers guidelines for safe play - you can't really go wrong!

You can get loads of information on toy safety standards here and of course don’t hesitate getting in contact if you have any comments.

Safe bouncing to all the little BeBopers out there!

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