How Many Safety Mats Do I Need?

To ensure the safety of your children whilst playing on a bouncy castle or inflatable water slide, you can put down safety mats. These can be placed at the end of the slide on the inflatable, or at the entrance, to prevent any accidents if your child falls off.

The number of safety mats you will need will depend upon the size of your inflatable. We provide 2 sizes of safety mat, our large mats are approximately 5ft x 3ft and our small mats are approximately 3ft x 3ft in a variety of different colours. If you are worried about safety, you may wish to surround the entire inflatable with mats. However, the most important place is the end of the slide.

For our smaller inflatables, such as the Grasshopper Bouncy Castle, you should only need one mat at the end of the slide. However, for larger inflatables, such as the Kamikaze Bouncy Castle & Slide, you may wish to put multiple safety mats at the end.

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