What Does The BeBop Warranty Cover?

At BeBop, we offer a 6 month warranty on all of our products, with a 12 month warranty on our electric fans. If you are concerned about whether the warranty covers damage to your inflatable, you can check out what is covered below:

What does the 6 month warranty cover?

Our 6 month product warranty covers the following damages:

  • Stitching failure
  • Internal membrane tears
  • Accessories braking within the warranty period

What does the 12 month warranty cover?

Our 12 month warranty on our electric fans covers:

  • Electrical faults

What isn’t covered by the warranty?

Our warranty does not cover

  • Accidental damage including punctures or rips in the material.
  • Accidental damage to the accessories.
  • Any issue that is deemed to be caused due to a failure to adhere to the correct and safe usage instructions or a failure to follow the care and maintenance instructions.
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