BeBop’s best seller, the 8 in 1 Activity Inflatable Bouncy Castle, is possibly one of our most exciting products to date. Packed with fun features for your kids to enjoy for hours on end, this castle has the potential to be a source of entertainment for years, with its interactive child friendly features. By having both a slide and a bounce area, the product is suitable for any style of play, and will ensure your child has the time of their life, in the comfort of your own back garden.

The large, curved slide is the highest point of the castle. The curve gives the slide both length and depth, as it creates the longest route possible, creating the most excitement. The exit of the slide leads into a ball pit, which when used with water, can double as a splash pool. The versatility of the product, and its ability to be used wet or dry, means it is suitable for those mild weekends, and perfect for the heat in the summer.

The bounce area is a real place of excitement for the children. With a large area to bounce in, the fun is endless, and the added feature of the basketball hoop inside the bouncing area will surely spark some game playing and imagination with your child. The area is surrounded by netting to ensure safety, and a pylon in each corner to ensure stability.

A crawl tunnel, that leads into the bouncing area from the underside of the slide, is another way to access this area. The crawl tunnel is very understated, as it is an obstacle like feature, giving the product excitement from every angle. You will most likely find your child running circles around the castle, crawling under the tunnel into the bounce area, up the climb wall and down the slide, and repeating this a hundred times over. Beside this, a Velcro ball target is placed on the side of the castle, and much like the basketball hoop, we hoped this would spark the imagination of your child and have them playing some exciting games.

The climb wall is a favourite amongst our customers. By moving away from the conventional use of steps, the climb wall creates a challenge for your child when playing on the castle and will be sure to keep them entertained. This is yet another feature that is brightly coloured and attractive to your young one. The foot holes and handles allow your child to make it up easily enough, however there is no denying that there is some fun for the kids in the challenge of pulling themselves up onto their very own water slide.

With the item being best for good weather, we chose to select material that is appropriate for water use, as on a hot day, there is nothing better than cooling off in a pool, or on your own water slide in the back garden. By sliding the water tubing provided over the roofing of the slide, and through the Velcro loops, you will see your summer bouncy castle turn into the water park of your child’s dreams. The water will of course turn the slide into a water slide, but what was once a ball pit is now a splash pool, where your child can try and make the biggest splash possible.

Unlike other domestic castles and slides you may have seen in the past, the 8 in 1 is incredibly easy to set up and inflate. Out of the box, all that is needed is to unroll the inflatable, take out the fan and plug the fan in, tie one of the two blower tubes around the fan, and then switch the fan on and watch the inflatable pop up in under two minutes. Along with being easy to set up, the product guarantees security for your child, as it is designed in the UK to meet strict European standards. The netting installed is one that has been carefully tested and is installed with care to ensure the safety of your little one.

Convenience and ease are something we always consider when creating a product, as our main concern is that the customer, both the adult and the child, have a fun and relaxing experience with the item. As well as making the item easy to set up, we have included 2 blower tubes to create convenience for the location of your fan, along with a carry bag for easy transportation, and a repair kit for any unexpected signs of wear.

In all, the 8 in 1 is something we all would have dreamed of having in the back garden when we were kids. This product is filled with exciting features and playing areas and is guaranteed to fulfil the expectation of both you, and your child.

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