Excellent fast service, can’t wait for summer to try it with water. Very good quality item, will hopefully last for years


fast delivery, easy set-up and take down.


Managed to find a dry day and the kids have loved it! Good quality and really easy to install. Worth every penny!


Speedy delivery and the bouncy house is a huge hit. It is saving lockdown!!


Very quick delivery and a good quality bouncy castle, however I am disappointed that it isn't bouncy and a little bit pricey, but otherwise I am satisfied.


Speed of service is breathtaking

About BeBop

BeBop was founded onthe idea of creating an easy-to-use and temporary outdoor playground. A solution that allows children to play safely and have fun in the garden.

Almost 10 years ago, wecame up with the idea of an inflatable bouncy castle just like the ones infairs, but much smaller, more practical, and suitable for gardens. We didn'tknow it yet, but BeBop was just born!

For more than 7 years, this company has been designing, manufacturing and selling inflatable bouncy castles for private use. When it comes to developing new models, the company focuses on its core values: safety, amusement, lightness, flexibility, and durability.

Our inflatables

Variety, quality and a 48h shipping policy!

The BeBop catalogue offers a wide range of products, and it keeps expanding from year to year. Whether you are looking for a bouncy castle for sale or an inflatable waterslide, you are spoiled for choice between the many models available.

The BeBop inflatables are all about quality. From product design to manufacture, each and everyinflatable is made with the utmost care. This allows BeBop products to be long-lasting, and to meet all the strict UK and European guidelines.

Because kids can't wait to have fun bouncing all over the garden, deliveries are super fast. Only twodays after placing the order, the bouncy castle is at your home, ready to be installed.

Things to consider when buying a bouncy castle

Obviously, the first thing you should pay attention to before choosing your inflatable structure is the space available. It goes without saying that you must pick a playground that can fit into your garden!

Therefore, you should pay attention to trees and bush, as well as sloping grounds: these are obstacles not suitable for your future bouncy castle. You need a flat, open area to set up your new playground.

Once you’ve decided the location and you know the dimensions, you just have to choose all the different options you would like: a bouncy castle with a slide, a bounce area, a swimming pool, a climbing wall…

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