Excellent fast service, can’t wait for summer to try it with water. Very good quality item, will hopefully last for years


fast delivery, easy set-up and take down.


Managed to find a dry day and the kids have loved it! Good quality and really easy to install. Worth every penny!


Speedy delivery and the bouncy house is a huge hit. It is saving lockdown!!


Very quick delivery and a good quality bouncy castle, however I am disappointed that it isn't bouncy and a little bit pricey, but otherwise I am satisfied.


Speed of service is breathtaking

About BeBop

BeBop started as a simple concept. We wanted to create a fun bouncy castle that was designed to last and could be inflated in less than two minutes. It was important to us that children could play freely and safely in their own garden.

Nearly ten years ago, our tight-knit team came up with the idea of producing inflatable bouncy castles like the ones you see at the fairground. However, we wanted ours to be smaller, more practical, and affordable for personal use. We didn't know it yet, but BeBop had just been born!

For the past seven years, BeBop has designed, manufactured and sold inflatable bouncy castles for private use. When it comes to developing new models, we focus on our set of core values: safety, amusement, lightness, flexibility and durability.

Our inflatables

Variety, quality and a 48h shipping policy!

The BeBop catalogue offers a wide range of products and continues to expand every year. Whether you are looking to purchase a bouncy castle, an inflatable water slide, or perhaps a bouncy castle with a slide, you will be spoiled for choice.

BeBop inflatables are all about quality. From product design to manufacturing, all our inflatables are made with the utmost care. We ensure that our products meet all the strict UK and European guidelines.

We want your children to be having fun as soon as possible. For that reason, our deliveries are incredibly speedy. Two days after placing your order, a BeBop bouncy castle will arrive at your home, ready for you to inflate with the electric blower that is provided.

Things to consider when buying a bouncy castle

You will want a bouncy castle that is fun, safe, quick to set-up and that will keep your kids entertained for years to come. BeBop inflatables take two minutes to inflate and bear the CE mark, meaning they are independently tested. We also have fantastic, verified reviews and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, speed of delivery and quality products.

The first thing you should consider when selecting your bouncy castle is the space available. Your inflatable will need a space of 2m (or 6.5 feet) around the edge. You will also need a flat space that is preferably grass (artificial or real) to set up your new bouncy castle.

Once you’ve decided on a location and measured the dimensions, all that’s left to do is choose which option you’d like: a bouncy castle with a slide, bounce area, paddling pool, climbing wall, or all of the above!

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