How To Ensure Your Inflatable Is Safe

When purchasing an inflatable for young children, safety is the most important factor to consider. All of our inflatables are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and up to either 8 or 10 years old, depending on the model that you select.

We have a wide range of inflatables available that can hold between 2 and 5 children at any one time. The maximum number of children that can play will be dependent on the model you buy. There are full specifications listed on the product page of our website to help you with your selection.

All of our BeBop inflatables hold a maximum weight per user of 38Kg and a maximum height per user of 145cm. It is important that you adhere to the maximum limits specified on the instructions supplied with your BeBop inflatable to ensure longevity of the item, and the safety of the children playing. Follow the below tips to ensure that your inflatable is safe, before your children start playing.

1. Set up on a flat surface

You should ensure that your inflatable is set up on a flat surface, such as your garden lawn. This will avoid any accidents due to the inflatable being on a slant. BeBop inflatables cannot be installed on concrete, or other similar solid surfaces.You can view our full set up guide for more information.

2. Peg down the inflatable securely

Your inflatable comes with several pegs, in order to secure the inflatable into place. You should ensure that these are pegged into the ground correctly, before you inflate the product.

3. Put down safety mats around the inflatable

Although it is not essential to purchase a safety mat with your BeBop inflatable, our safety mats are perfect for protecting your children from nasty accidents. You will need a different amount of safety mats, depending upon the size of your inflatable. You can read our handy safety mat guide, to ensure you have enough protection.

An adult should always supervise children whilst they are playing on the bouncy castle or water slide at all times, to ensure safety and avoid any accidents. Our inflatables are not suitable for children over the age of ten.

If you have a question about our inflatables, you can visit the FAQ pages below, or contact our team.

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