How To Set Up Your Inflatable

Setting up your BeBop inflatable is quick and easy. It will only take 5 minutes to fully inflate your bouncy castle or inflatable water slide.

Before setting up your inflatable, you should check that you have a distance of 2 meters around the edge, to make room for the blower. This may affect the size of inflatable that you are able to purchase. Check out our size guide for further information.

inflatable water slide setting up guide

You should also ensure that the bouncy castle or inflatable water slide is being set up on grass. Once you’re happy with the positioning, you can begin to inflate your BeBop product. The video below shows how quick and easy it really is.

Once your bouncy castle or inflatable water slide has been set up, we would recommend putting down some safety mats, to avoid any accidents.

As our inflatables are made of Nylon, rather than PVC, they are much lighter and softer than models you may see at fairgrounds or birthday parties. They can easily be maneuvered by one person, so that you can take your bouncy castle wherever you go.

If you have any further questions about the setup process, you can visit our FAQ pages.

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