How To Take Down Your Inflatable

Taking down an inflatable may seem like a daunting task - but it doesn’t have to be. All of BeBop’s inflatables can be taken down in under ten minutes.

Before taking down your inflatable, you should ensure that there are no items or debris left inside. If it’s really dirty, you can give it a clean with a cloth or soft brush and clean water, It is really important that you ensure your inflatable is dry before packing it away, especially the models that are used with water. Storing your item damp will cause damage to the material. To dry your product thoroughly:

  • Re-attach the fan when all the water has been removed and dried as much as possible
  • Open the small material outlet tube
  • Switch on the fan and allow the air to freely pass through the inflatable for up to 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions

Once your inflatable is clean and dry, you can quickly take it down. Follow the easy steps below.

Taking Down Your Bouncy Castle

  1. Turn off and remove fan
  2. Open outlet tube
  3. Leave to deflate
  4. Fold and roll
  5. Put in bag

Taking Down Your Inflatable Water Slide

  1. Turn off fan
  2. Remove water tubing
  3. Open outlet tube
  4. Turn on fan and leave until dry
  5. Fold and Roll
  6. Put in bag

How To Store Your Inflatable

Once your bouncy castle or inflatable water slide has been deflated, you can roll it up and put it back into the storage bag provided. It can then be stored in a clean, dry place, such as your garage, shed, or even in your house!

If you have any further questions that you need help with, visit our FAQ pages for more information.

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